The interventions in Ghizzano (2018-2019)

Ghizzano, a hamlet of the Municipality of Peccioli, has developed in three main directions. Its social and urban pattern is characterized by a large noble villa with several neighbouring buildings and a refined Italian garden, together with some small churches, a recent building, hosting a rehabilitation centre and an recreational centre for the elderly, and lastly a small library, which is also used as a place for gatherings and meetings.

The artist selection was determined by Antonella Soldaini through a precise curatorial methodology. Alicja Kwade, David Tremlett and Patrick Tuttofuoco are three personalities differentiated from one another by generation and by method of intervention, but united by a particular sensitivity and attention to the delicate theme of public work. For this reason, the three artists have inspected the site several times and participated in several meetings with the mayor Macelloni, the curatorial staff, the architects, the engineers and the local workers as well as with the inhabitants of Ghizzano, who took in these works, offering the artists a welcoming ambience and becoming co-generators of their presence.