The Voices project (2018-2019)

The Voices project originated from the desire to create an artistic and literary path, guiding into the discovery of new and unexplored places within the territory of the Municipality of Peccioli. The narrating voices are those of some of the major contemporary authors: Laura Bosio, Mauro Covacich, Maurizio de Giovanni, Romano De Marco, Fabio Genovesi, Ferruccio Parazzoli, Laura Pugno. Each one of them was asked to make up a piece of this path by writing a story that started from the impressions arising from the encounter with some religious and non-religious buildings in the territory, mostly built near small villages, each with its own history and identity. Recorded as audio tracks by the authors themselves, these stories return to the places that generated them and find modes to be listened to through seven new works specifically conceived by Vittorio Corsini and installed inside the bell towers of the Church of San Verano, of the Church of Madonna del Carmine and of the Church of Le Serre in Peccioli, as well as inside the Church of San Giorgio in Cedri, the Chapel of Saints Rocco and Sebastiano in Fabbrica, the Oratory of Santissima Annunziata in Ghizzano and Cinema Passerotti in Peccioli.

"We need to activate new territories”, Corsini says, “the artist is like an explorer who makes those new territories visible, as today they are made not so much of materials, techniques, languages, but rather of manners, relationships, energies (...) To me, public sculpture is something that activates a space; it is important that the work operates, that one can pass through it, that it is able to talk and take on a human and social dimension, a dimension of exchange and relationship (...) I don't know how to define it, maybe a dream, fantasy or desire; but still, what I always have hoped for is to arrive in a meadow or a clearing one day and find a sofa on which I could sit and, in that moment, listen to a voice telling me a story; then I would leave knowing that that story was mine and that no one else would have listened to it”.

Sandra Furlan, curator of the editorial project of Voices, says: "Laura Bosio, Mauro Covacich, Maurizio de Giovanni, Romano De Marco, Fabio Genovesi, Ferruccio Parazzoli, Laura Pugno interacted with a place indicated by us in the area of Peccioli (6 churches for the first edition o 2018 and the former Cinema Passerotti added in 2019). They wrote a story and narrated it again with their own voice. They made their narration become part of a more complex work, which creates a unique relationship of great intimacy between their voice, the work of Vittorio Corsini, the place of listening and the audience who can directly activate the installation (by climbing on an orange platform in the case of the bell tower or by taking a seat in the other cases)".