Public projects by Vittorio Corsini (2017)

Vittorio Corsini presents unpublished projects, purposely designed for the public space of Peccioli: permanent installations born of the artist's long presence in the Tuscan town and from the dialogue interwoven with its inhabitants. The works are part of an itinerary of the view through the town, towards the territory, within and outside its borders. Virtually, they open towards the condition of global connection that characterises the present day.

Vittorio Corsini's attention ranges from the symbols that create the image of the individual and collective space, by which the individual gets defined and realised, to the processes, through which the individual relates to different contexts, like the perception of borders and of the landscape, up to the investigation on the relationships between some situations of our contemporaneity and the individual space, such as the internet or the coexistence of religious and cultural pluralities.

Vittorio Corsini often matches the breadth of the themes of his exploration with materials and instruments of portrayal that vary according to the subject being investigated and to the place to which the works are addressed. This is due to the different meanings and nuances of interpretation each theme implies and to the interlocutors, to whom the works are aimed.