In Peccioli LUX by Academy of Fine Arts of Brera's students (2016)

In Peccioli lux is a project created by Vittorio Corsini and by his students from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. They used light to enrich some of most distinctive corners in Peccioli with their installations, in order to offer the visitor a new path that twists and turns through squares, little alleys and panoramic terraces. Walking at night through the ancient medieval village becomes a surprising and exciting experience: you might happen to turn around a corner and find yourself in front of a story made of lights, or stop to stare at the valley under the stars and realize that you are observed in turn by a light emitting creature; you can allow yourself to be surprised and intrigued by a sudden flash, or take inspiration for new thoughts from an important message, or just stroll through the narrow alleys following the movement and the rhythm of the waves of coloured light.