The surroundings of Peccioli (1999-2002)

As places of access to the town center, the surroundings of Peccioli presented themselves as a space that had never been given any architectural characterization. Therefore, the Municipality of Peccioli commissioned some works of contemporary art resulting in a well-designed and successful collaboration between the parties. The artists called to undertake the works are Giorgetto Giugiaro, Federico De Leonardis, Vedovamazzei, Massimo Bartolini, Vladimir Dubossarky and Alexandr Vinogradov, Alessandro Rivola, Giuseppe Restano, Vittorio Corsini and Nicola Carrino.

All the works originated from the refusal to consider art separately from its context; they were developed in a dialectical confrontation with the space, obtaining their reason to be and their meaning from it; they personalised such innocuous places, frequented by ordinary people, passer-by users: personal places, yet anonymous at the same time, as places open to passage, built to fulfill various functions.

The artistic works integrated and merged. The users become the first observers of the work, and the work is created having regard to them and addressed to them.