Cumulus Humilis


Above the central access tower to the hotel, a neon line in the shape of a cloud is the work of Vedovamazzei, an artistic duo formed by Simone Crispino and Stella Scala in 1990. From the very beginning, their work is distinguished by a very free use of materials and languages, characterized by a biting irony. The two artists draw inspiration from cinema, literature, music as well as from science. In their site-specific works they are very good at creating a relational harmony with space, even with the aseptic aspect of the place. Cumulus Humilis depicts a sun about to disappear behind an orange cloud hit by some blue flashes. Deprived of its function as a sign, it avoids the omnipresence of marketing and the ruling consumerism of today, and it suggests considerations relating to the pervasiveness of the commercial system. The simplicity of the form and its immediate understanding conceal a reference to the “Bates Motel” of the film Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock. The duo Vedovamazzei has always used persuasive yet insidious tones in order to undermine accredited paths of meaning and inspire new reflections on the most diverse aspects of extra-artistic reality. "Above all in the phase of construction of the neon cloud located above the hotel... our reference and homage to Alfred Hitchcock was immediate ... the scientific term to identify our cloud, and not any other, is" Cumulus Humilis ": a cumulus cloud drawn in a portion of the sky and located on a place for the resting of travellers, guests, customers, travellers, vacationers. Yet, in a literal meaning it also means "heap of good weather", a passing cloud, where condensation begins, depending on the rate of humidity in the air ... depending on one place and not any other ... by changing light, it portrays and informs us of the climate, apparently predicting a meteorological evolution, its temperature, anticipating a landscape already identified in a site that has been transformed in turn. A transition place that we will identify with those particular days by attributing a link to the place ... underlined by the climatic state and therefore by the mood ... "Vedovamazzzei.

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Artista Vedovamazzei
Titolo Opera Cumulus Humilis
Data 2001
Tipologia Sculpture


Peccioli, Hotel Portavaldera