Jeppe Hein



Jeppe Hein (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1974) is an artist who operates between Berlin and Copenhagen. His interactive works and installations combine elements of humor with the traditions of minimalism and conceptual art, challenging the traditional conception of a passive viewer and establishing a relation between the work of art, the surrounding environment and the public. Art, like architecture, is a means of expression in space through communicative and functional aspects, with the ability to intervene in the field of social interaction and to form social constellations.

Coming directly from the König Galerie in Berlin, the work Untitled was placed inside Palazzo Senza Tempo. The use of metal and mirrored surfaces allows one to vary their point of view, meaning and reality. The point of view can be freely changed by the visitors, who interact with the work through their movement and their choices. "The vision of oneself and of others captures the viewer thanks to the continuous inversions of the mirrors and to the mutations of figures and dimensions over a moment. The total unveiling of the room and the public through the reflective surfaces become part of the work. Certainties such as earth, space and reality are lost in distortion and reflection, so much so that space seems to expand into infinity".



Artista Jeppe Hein
Titolo Opera Untitled
Data 2021
Tecnica Mirror
Tipologia Installation


Peccioli, Timeless Palace