Alicja Kwade



When Alicja Kwade arrived in Ghizzano, her desire was to mark the territory in an incisive way
while respecting those who live there. The artist had the opportunity to create the first permanent
work in Italy, where she is known thanks to some exhibitions and for her presence at the Venice
Biennale in 2017. The chosen work is the sculpture SolidSky, made in a stone (Azul Macaubas)
from South America characterised by light blue veins that turn really blue in some points.

The work is made up of two elements: a large cubic block, hollow inside, and a sphere with a
perfectly smooth surface. The stone block shows some signs of imperfection of the material,
deliberately left visible by the artist. The large void in the center allows us to understand the origin
from which the sphere came to life which, due to its perfection of form and completeness, visually
contrasts with the unfinished aspect of the block. Placed at a distance from each other, these two
sculptural presences are ideally linked to each other and acquire full meaning only when they are

The works of Alicja Kwade, the most recent of which is ParaPivot, a large sculpture on the terrace
of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, often play with our perception and our
imagination, inviting us to rethink our way of looking at reality. As the title of the sculpture
suggests, SolidSky refers to the sky, the universe and the celestial spheres. Almost as if an invisible
hand has thrown a planet from above, casually ended up on Earth, the work constitutes a mysterious
yet captivating presence. Although it has considerable size and weight, it is still a profoundly antimonumental
work, as it does not frighten but rather attracts and invites to a contact.

“The sculpture acts in space creating more dimensions and expanding the boundaries of the
observable reality. The sphere in natural stone, Azul Macaubas, recalls the idea of the existence of
parallel worlds and multiverses, the subject of hypotheses and dissertations since ancient times. It
seems to have fallen to Earth from another dimension. The stone material itself, with its
stratifications formed over several million years, allows us to determine its age and therefore acts as
a sort of time scale." (Alicja Kwade)



Artista Alicja Kwade
Titolo Opera SolidSky
Data 2019
Tipologia Sculpture