Vittorio Corsini



The Hour of Truth is a story by Romano De Marco, one of the most popular Italian crime, noir and
thriller writers. The scene depicts the visit of Professor D’Eramo, a famous and elderly writer, to
one of the symbolic monuments of Peccioli: the bell tower of the Church of San Verano. "It's the
story of a girl who committed suicide by throwing herself through one of these openings." D'Eramo
looked at it, finally intrigued. "She was twenty years old, and she was from here, from Peccioli.
Since she was a child, she dreamed of becoming a novelist (…)”. Corsini makes De Marco's voice
run along the handrail of the stairs that give access to the tower. The sound perfectly leads us to the

top of the bell tower, where De Marco reveals the ending of his story.

Vittorio Corsini: “I wanted to create a short circuit, a vortex, a vertigo upwards, a spiral of evil”.

Tiziano Scarpa: “Vittorio Corsini has fixed handrails on the railings that rise in a square spiral., It
appears to be a very mild intervention. Yet, with just a little attention you understand its strength.
The handrails are applied outside the railing, on the inner side of the bell tower. In fact, they are
unusable for those who physically climb the steps. So, who did he put them for? For ghosts. For the
characters that float in the air. It is for this reason - I tell myself - that Corsini lined them with that
iridescent film, which reacts to light by changing colour. They are diagonal, iridescent segments,
patented for ascending beings, who live in other dimensions of existence: they inhabit the
imagination of those who see the spirit of a place take the form of characters and stories".

Pietro Gaglianò: "Inside, the vertical flight of the stairs that cross its geometry is highlighted by the
luminous, liquid like sign of the handrail which has been coated with a reflective film. In the noir
atmosphere of Romano De Marco's story, the ascending of the bell tower is parallel to this optical
perspective but is continuously, almost violently, recalled to the ground floor level by the orange
platform that delimits the projection of the architecture on the ground. The orange colour, one of
Corsini's favorite ones, shiny, bright, vibrates while being extraneous to the rough consistency of
ancient stone and imposes a continuous attraction to the center of space, to the gravity of matter, to
the falling of a body that is drawn downwards by its weight, by its substance, straight down the
entire height of the architecture".


VOCI un coro a Peccioli per un progetto di Vittorio Corsini, con una narrazione di Tiziano Scarpa e un testo critico di Pietro Gaglianò, Gli Ori 2021, Pistoia.



Artista Vittorio Corsini
Titolo Opera Spiral
Data 2018
Tecnica Wood, film and narrator’s voice
Tipologia Installation


Peccioli, Bell Tower of San Verano