Patrick Tuttofuoco

Endless Sunset


Created between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, Endless Sunset by Patrick Tuttofuoco
is the new project commissioned by the Municipality of Peccioli, curated by Antonella Soldaini
with the project management of Marcella Ferrari. After the three works of the Elevatio corpus
series, located in as many focal points in the hamlet of Ghizzano, this time Tuttofuoco worked
directly in Peccioli, giving life to the most complex (and vast) sculptural intervention among those
he has made to date. Assisted in the initial phase of the project by the engineers Stefano d'Amelio
and Massimiliano Buvoli, the artist chose to work on a recently built 72-meter-long pedestrian
walkway. Located 30 meters high, it is used to connect the historic center of the town with the car
park located in the "lower part" of the town. Throughout its length, the infrastructure has been
gradually "wrapped" by a sinuous continuous ribbon of stainless steel, which reproduces the colours
of the sunset.

"Its shape alludes to the circularity of time", the curator Soldaini pointed out, adding that "the tape
unfolds continuously and the colours, change depending on the position in which we find ourselves
while we observe them, as happens when passing from sunset to night and from sunrise to sunrise”.
A concept also reaffirmed by the use of the term "endless" in the title of the work. Visible also from
a distance and stenographically illuminated at night, the work was not conceived by Tuttofuoco as
"an embellishment operation", said Soldaini. For pedestrians who cross it, in fact, "the effect will be
that of passing through a work of art and 'experience it' in an active and participatory way". The
intervention, in other words, intends to affect the common perception of this pedestrian
infrastructure, offering anyone a new visual experience.

Therefore, a work "accessible to all", in the broadest sense of the definition, through which
Tuttofuoco continues his research on the themes of public works. "My desire was to give back to
the territory something that spoke of the territory in the simplest and most accessible way and that
could be shared by everyone and not only by those accustomed to the language of art", the artist
told about Endless Sunset. For the mayor of Peccioli, Renzo Macelloni, " with the conception of
Endless Sunset, Patrick demonstrated all his skill and ability to meet, without questioning his work,
the needs of a public client.”



Artista Patrick Tuttofuoco
Titolo Opera Endless Sunset
Data 2020