Patrick Tuttofuoco

Elevatio corpus


In Ghizzano, Tuttofuoco created three works with a single title, Elevatio corpus, arranged in
different key points, as if he is shoring up the town with his presence. The sculptures refer to a cycle
of frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli, who was active in these areas at a particular moment in his life.
The facts date back to 1479, when the plague forced the artist at the time working in Pisa to move
with the whole family to Legoli, a few kilometers from Ghizzano, where he painted a tabernacle.
For his sculptures made in different materials such as marble, neon and iron, Tuttofuoco draws
inspiration from some details of the characters depicted by Benozzo - San Sebastiano, San Michele
and San Giovanni.

In 2017, Tuttofuoco created a large installation in a space of 3,000 sq mt at the OGR (Officine
Grandi Riparazioni) in Turin, on this occasion in collaboration for the occasion with of a team of
engineers and experts (Ing. Massimo d'Amelio and Massimiliano Buvoli). For this work, the artist
focuses on the reinterpretation of the pictorial work of a great Renaissance artist whose linguistic
code is distorted and reworked in a postmodern perspective, in order to get to a new sculptural
reality that develops from the dimension of the past. Making use of quotation and creating a close
dialogue with the frescoes in Legoli, the artist developed a series of surprising and articulated
formal solutions with an imposing presence, resulting from a dynamic and deeply contemporary
artistic research.

“Elevatio corpus is literally translated as load-bearing body. A body that is both architectural
(structural) and anatomical (human). A load-bearing body which therefore implies the presence of
something else that is supported and transported, something capable of transcending matter, space
and time. The main themes of this research move around the idea of immortality, dealt with through
different approaches: on the one hand, reflections close to technology and science (artificial
intelligence, man-machine relationship, androids), on the other, a more spiritual vision in relation to
the passing of time. The innate desire of men to represent themselves in an attempt to make
themselves immortal allows us to include a different notion of time; a timeline that tends towards
infinity, capable of relating effortlessly with ancient instances and visions projected towards a
distant future. In this constant dualism between science and spirit, past and future, the body capable
of resolving and transcending limits is the one of art. The work of art is the element capable of
projecting itself beyond everything and including everything; it frees the man from the dependence
on matter, space and time. The hands represent the bond of man with the material universe,
determining a precise moment in space and time that allows us to function by materialising thoughts
that live well beyond that single instant. " (Patrick Tuttofuoco)



Artista Patrick Tuttofuoco
Titolo Opera Elevatio corpus
Data 2019
Tipologia Installation