Vittorio Corsini



The writing of Mauro Covacich converses intensely with art, as reported in the pentalogy that he
created between 2003 and 2011. "The churchyard is protected by two holm oaks. On the trunk of
both, an ancient wound. Two twin trees, punished by the same lightning, survived the same fire, on
top of this hill that looks like a cloud suspended over the countryside, and instead it is earth, indeed
it is Tuscany”. In this way Covacich begins his story, accompanying us inside Chiesa delle Serre di
Peccioli. Credo is an internal monologue, a lucid, ruthless, at times desperate, secular prayer that
nevertheless does not abandon hope. Corsini visually restores the rigour of Covacich's writing by
placing stone benches inside the church. A wooden plank that vibrates“speaks” from high above a
scaffolding of hypothetical works in progress.
Vittorio Corsini: Covacich's story is a meditation, an inner journey towards the divine, which is
earthly. The object is a scaffolding, exactly identical to that used by the masons, a work tool; the
benches are basic and the stone is grey, as similar as possible to the one of La Verna; everything
becomes a Franciscan idea of poverty, understood as a status. Everything superfluous has been
Tiziano Scarpa: "Vittorio Corsini manages to make Covacich's words resonate in the most ingenious
way: he objectifies the presence of these new "believers" by populating the church with solid,
peremptory benches of squared grey stone, which do not withstand the style - religion - the church
itself, but they affirm their rational, self-aware faith. And he raises a scaffolding of solid beams: a
precarious, yet massive scaffolding. Because faith is always under construction, the spirit is an
eternal work in progress”.
Pietro Gaglianò: "In the church Chiesa delle Serre, outside the town, the benches in pietra serena
stone redesigned by the artist seem to complete, in a similar style, the bare sacred ambience. Yet, at
the end of the short nave, on the left, a light wooden scaffolding interrupts the rhythm and reveals a
building space: an exercise of awareness in the "full time of the present", where Mauro Covacich's
voice plunges into the encounter with the invisible. This rough non-functional architecture is a
silent tribute to the unfinished, to the permanent and never-ending commitment of our becoming
adults, of the construction of such a house with open walls. "


VOCI un coro a Peccioli per un progetto di Vittorio Corsini, con una narrazione di Tiziano Scarpa e un testo critico di
Pietro Gaglianò
, Gli Ori 2021, Pistoia.



Artista Vittorio Corsini
Titolo Opera Franciscan
Data 2018
Tecnica Wood, pietra serena stone and narrator voice
Tipologia Installation


Peccioli, Le Serre, Chiesa delle Serre