Vittorio Corsini

Light mood


The theme of community finds an even broader declination at Centro Polivalente. In a place of
collective meeting par excellence, the broader system that Corsini refers to is the boundless internet
network. Information technology, as a current tool for interaction in a global network, is in fact
today one of the most relevant means through which we relate to "the other". Corsini highlights the
purely perceptive nature of this information tool through the creation of a work that declines its
immateriality. Thus, in Light mood, light becomes the chosen material while the qualities of this
light - its colours - vary according to the emotions expressed by Twitter users, according to the
association between colours and moods studied by the American sociologist Plutchik. In fact, as
demonstrated by the most recent psychological research, it is our emotions that determine the
quality of our relationships with "the other".

An installation that gives colour to emotions and that - like them - changes constantly, leaving us
bewildered by the ephemeral nature of feelings. The basic idea is this: there are eight "primary"
emotions that we all experience and that mix with each other, always generating new feelings,
positive or negative, active or passive. Each one has a colour associated with it, which makes it
perceptible to everyone, so blatantly public, almost shouted, even when we would not want to.

Love, indifference. Surprise, expectation. Trust, anxiety. The artist gives shape - or rather, colour -
to each variation, soaking it with all sorts of moods.

After all, Corsini's art is public art par excellence, one designed to investigate relationships and tell
common stories, dialoguing with the world even when starting from a closed space. So, the Centro
Polivalente becomes an opportunity to form new bonds, to create areas of belonging and reflect on a
scattered society, yet so emotionally close as to give life to a single colour. It is what Corsini calls
the Social machine, a living "machine", in constant motion, made up of intersections and crashes
between individual history and collective history. Thus, thousands of people, thanks to their tweets,
meet for the first time in a real space, which is both physical and mental, capable of welcoming
contrasting emotions and of harmonising them into a single nuance.


Gabriella Lo Ricco, Essenziale leggerezza – Alcuni lavori di Vittorio Corsini a Peccioli review on Gizmo Architectural,
December, 17 2018
Pietro Gaglianò, Quattro progetti pubblici, Belvedere S.p.A., 2017



Artista Vittorio Corsini
Titolo Opera Light mood
Data 2017
Tecnica RGB light Algoritmo
Tipologia Installation


Peccioli, Centro Polivalente