Diamond, Emmeu

Street Art Theater 450 ° Shakespeare


When the sumptuousness of the old and the sentiment of the new join, something fascinating cannot
but be born: Street-Art Theater is a project originated from the encounter between Peccioli and the
11Lune Summer Festival with the association Kill the pig, an outcome of the Roman metropolitan
area, defining themselves as a collective that safeguards art with the aim to satisfy the desire for
Taking into account the opportunities granted by the new codes of art, the Street Art Theater project
based its intervention on the interpretation of new spaces in the town of Peccioli, thanks to the work
of some of the major street artists currently operating on national and international platforms. The
four artists Diamond, Emmeu, Solo and Pepsy, each with their own code, intervened on the
facilities available (two tanks at Fonte Mazzola Amphitheater and two panels), re-establishing the
right balance and the appropriate coexistence between the irreplaceable beauties of the past and the
aesthetic and social evolutions of the hyper-contemporary era.

On July 21 2014, on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the birth of William Shakespeare's, the
11Lune Theater Festival in Peccioli included “The Merchant of Venice” with Giorgio Albertazzi in
the billboard.

The activity involved the execution and then the presentation of four works inspired by the works of
William Shakespeare; while celebrating the 450th anniversary of the master's birth, they granted an
interpretation, each with its own code, of the grandeur and the message of the work "The Merchant
of Venice", creating monumental works that have become part of the heritage of the town of


Today, the works created by Solo and Diamond have been destroyed due to the removal of the tanks
after the restoration of the area, while the works of Pepsy and Emmeu are exhibited at Palazzo
Pretorio Museum.



Artista Diamond, Emmeu
Titolo Opera Street Art Theater 450 ° Shakespeare
Data 2014


Peccioli, Palazzo Pretorio Museum