Raffaello Mauro Marcucci

The Seagulls


Made in 2010 for the Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant in Legoli, the sculptures were installed in
Piazza del Popolo until summer 2020 and then returned to the Legoli plant.
The image of the three seagulls is related to a sequence of movements that depict the departure in
flight of a bird. In the first, the bird is in a preliminary position; in the second, it shows the first
movements of the flight; in the third, the wings are unfolded and the flight begins. In other words:
the decision to fly, the run-up, the start.
Each figure is made with an internal supporting structure made up of rigid drawn copper tubes,
starting with a diameter of 4.2 cm. They are strengthened by internal tubes of a smaller diameter
(backbone), on which the sections of the wings and the body are set, in Etruscan copper plate.
Unlike this structure made of rigid copper, the cover (feathers) is made of annealed and embossed
copper. Annealing is essential both for the flexibility of the material and for the chromatic effects;
the feathers are fixed on the underlying structure by copper rivets with brass tie rods.
The Seagulls were included in Magnificent takeoff, an installation by Alberto Bartalini for the
restyling of Piazza del Popolo.



Artista Raffaello Mauro Marcucci
Titolo Opera The Seagulls
Data 2010
Tipologia Sculpture


Legoli, Waste Disposal and Treatment Plant